Benefits of 
Brennan Healing Science...

Photo by Meredith Bless


Brennan Healing Science can Support the Healing of:

  1. Addictions

  1. Abuse

  1. Stress, anxiety and depression

  1. Relationship difficulties

  1. Limiting belief systems

  1. Trauma

  1. Blocked creativity

  1. Fertility problems

  1. Learning disabilities

  1. Grief and the dying process

  1. Allergies and asthma

  1. Chronic pain

  1. Gastrointestinal disorders

  1. Heart disease

  1. and more

Brennan Healing Science can Promote:

  1. Enhanced self-esteem, self-nurturing and personal power

  1. Healing and transforming of relationships

  1. Increased energy levels

  1. The safe processing of emotions

  1. Deep state of relaxation

  1. Greater health and development of Infants and Children

  1. Healing of chronic physical symptoms

  1. Reduction of post-surgery pain, recovery time and healing

  1. Balancing of immune and nervous systems

  1. More options for self-expression and joy

  1. and more

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