The Healing Process

Photo by Meredith Bless


Health is more than just physical; it includes your emotional, mental and spiritual life as well. Because your physical body arises out of the Human Energy Field, an imbalance or distortion in the energy field will eventually cause a disease in your physical body. Imbalances and distortions will also affect your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Through Brennan Healing Science and Brennan Integration Work you become aware of and gently release energy-consciousness blocks and tensions that prevent your natural flow of health. Celia helps to release blocks of stagnant energy, repair tears or breaks, balances distortions and charges areas of weakness in your energy field. Since your energy filed is directly related to your state of health this works has a profound affect on your physical, emotional, metal and spiritual well-being. What you uncover is a natural balance of health and a deeper relationship with yourself, which then allows deeper relationships with others.

Healing is often a process that comes from within. Celia is here to accompany and assist you in your healing and self-discovery process. She will be a partner, facilitator, listener and mirror, through out this healing journey.

To learn more about the Healing Process I recommend Barbara Brennan’s book Light Emerging.

“My son has been suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Anxiety. After just one healing session with Celia he was a different person. His heart was more open, he seemed calmer and he slept peacefully for the first time in a few days.”

-Pam. Certified Montessori Teacher
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