The Human Energy Field (the aura)

Sometimes called the aura or the electromagnetic energy field, the Human Energy Field surrounds and penetrates your physical body. This energy field is very detailed and intricate, the qualities of which directly relates to your state of health on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It is the subtle aspect and extension of your physical body that holds your feelings, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, relationship patterns, belief systems, etc. We all are always sensing and responding to one another and our environment through this field.

The Human Energy Field is intimately related to your health. Your physical body develops out of this energy field. Therefore, any weakness, blocks or imbalances in this energy field can affect the health of your physical body. Chronically held blocks can be released through subtle energy work on your physical, mental, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual levels before it affects your body.

The basic anatomy of the Human EnergyFeild (aura) consists of seven levels and seven paired chakras. Each level and each pair of chakras have different physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual functions. The anatomy and physiology of the aura is more complex than the physical body. Here are some basics;

(This information about the levels and chakras comes from Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light. To learn more about the Human Energy-Consciousness System I highly recommend Hands of Light.)

“I think Celia has an amazing gift of healing. She has the ability to bring people into higher levels and aspects of themselves. Celia is highly skilled, innately gifted and fluent in energy dynamics.”

-Adrianna, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and CranioSacral Therapist
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Picture used with permission

from Barbara Brennan Inc.

Seven levels:

    (it is important to remember that all levels go deep in to the body, into each cell, into each molecule and deeper.)

        1st - Structured blue to grey grid matrix extends 1/4-1 inch beyond the body. All chakras are blue on this level. This level is a template for physical form and sensation.

        2nd - Fluid multi colored level that extends 1-3 inches from the body. The chakra colors are the colors often seen, where 1st chakra is red, 2nd orange, 3rd yellow, 4th green, 5th blue, 6th indigo-violet and 7th white or gold. This level holds our personal emotions.

        3rd - Structured yellow grid matrix extends 3-8 inches from the body. All chakras are yellow. This is our mental level, our need for balance between rational and intuitive mind.

        4th - Fluid multi colored rose infused level that extends 1/2-1 ft. beyond the body. The chakras are similar colors to the 2nd level except that they are infused with rose and the 4th chakra is rose (not green). This level holds our relational emotions.

        5th - Structured grid matrix that looks like a blue print or a blue negative of a photograph that extends about 2 ft. from the body. All chakras are blue-print in color. This level holds our higher will or divine will.

        6th - Fluid multi colored opalescent infused level that extends 2-23/4 ft. from the body. All chakras are similar to 4th level except they are infused with a gold-silver shine. This level holds our higher feelings, unconditional love, spiritual ecstasy and feelings of being connected to the greater universe.

        7th - Structured gold grid matrix that extends 21/2- 3 ft. beyond the body. All chakras are gold. This level holds our higher concepts or higher mind. Sometimes depicted as a gold halo.

    - There are more levels, but levels 1-7 are connected to this ‘life-time’.

Seven major chakras:

    (All charkas are cone shaped with the tips going deep in to the center of the body.)

        1st - Located between the legs. Holds the quality of our physical energy and our will to live. Is paired with 7th chakra at the top of the head.

        2nd - Front chakra is located between top of pubic bone and belly button, and holds giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure. The back chakra is located middle of sacrum and holds the quality of sexual energy.

        3rd - Front chakra is about 1-2 inches bellow the bottom of the sternum, at the solar plexus and holds the awareness of who one is in the universe. The back is located where the bottom ribs meet the spine and holds the intention towards one’s health.

        4th - Front chakra is the heart center and holds love and other feelings for other human beings and fellow creatures. The back is between the shoulder blades and holds the ego or will towards the outer world, the willingness to connect with an open heart.

        5th - Front chakra is at the front of the throat and holds the ability to take in and assimilate. The back is at the back of the neck and holds sense of self within society and one’s profession.

        6th - Front chakra is in middle of forehead and holds the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts. The back chakra is at the back of the head and holds the ability to carry out ideas in a practical way.

        7th - Is at the top of the head. Holds the integration of total personality with life and spiritual aspects of mankind. Is paired with the 1st chakra between the legs.

   - We also have minor chakras; in the palms of our hands, bottom of our feet, each finger tip, nipples (which aid in breast feeding), acupuncture points and more.