Celia Conaway
Healing Science Practitioner and Channel

Transformation and Healing Through the Exploration of

The Human Energy-Consciousness System

Experience the depth of connection, truth and beauty that can come through the exploration of and opening to your true self.  As you discover greater consciousness and awareness of who you are you will be able to access more personal empowerment, deeper contact with your self, as well as with others, and be able to have a greater capacity to experience all the facets of life.

Be supported in your healing and transformational journey that brings consciousness and acceptance to the complexity and diversity with in you. The healing and transformational journey is about acknowledging and appreciating what works in your life, exploring what you have disconnected from or put away in shadow, as well as opening to new possibilities for life, awareness and expression of your self.


Brennan Healing Science® and Brennan Integration Work® are a powerful combination of holistic modalities that can restore health to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as, enliven your transformational process.

Brennan Healing Science, sometimes referred to as Hands of Light Healing, was created by Barbara Brennan a former NASA scientist and best selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging. Through a variety of techniques, tailored to your needs, healing sessions clear, balance, charge and repair your body’s electromagnetic energy field (also known as the aura or the Human Energy-Consciousness Field). This affects all of the systems and organs of your body to help enhance your system’s natural healing process. Brennan Healing Science is intended to work in harmony with other healing methods you may use, including traditional medicines and is suitable for all ages.

Brennan Integration Work combines focused psychodynamic and spiritual awakening work with body-centered energy awareness to deepen and enliven your personal growth.

This combination of hands-on healing techniques, with psychological awareness, helps deepen your healing and self-discovery process while supporting you in developing tools to help you follow your unique path in life.

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